Did you hear that?

It’s the sound of Daily Inchie 2.0 – don’t miss it!



08.27.2011: nope, not gonna happen

Well, it’s 12:37am, and we are finally moved into our new place. I’ve been up since 4 am, and am so sore that I cannot imagine what I will feel like when I wake up. So, unfortunately, there’s no inchie for today. But, in this case, the blank space in my inchie mosaic will be just as meaningful to me as a stitched inchie – no forgetting today, that’s for sure!

08.26.2011: Single Strand Yarn Needlepoint Inchie


Almost done packing! Unfortunately, that means our WiFi is all gone, and I have to post using my phone for the next few days.

Today’s needlepoint was stitched with Mini Mochi, a single ply sock-weight yarn. I really like the final result, but it is just awful to stitch with! This yarn has a reputation for being underspun and falling apart, and this skein certainly lived up to it!

08.25.2011: No Longer a Home

Today’s inchie is a bit conceptual, but I hope you will stick with me. As you might know, I’m in the middle of packing my house for our move this weekend, and today was “the day” – the day where my townhouse stopped being my home. I think this is something that happens in every move (at least, it has for me). No longer do I look around and see my kitchen or my hallway or my workroom – rather, I see the rooms and halls that existed when we originally toured the townhouse. So, while I am excited for this new stage in our life to begin, I also think it is important to commemorate this moment in time. After all, that’s part of the reason I started this daily project in the first place!

So back to the empty square. Today’s inchie represents the empty space where my “home” used to be (even though it’s not really that empty yet 😉 ). I didn’t want to pull a James Franco and give you a blank piece of fabric, so I outlined the empty space with simple cross stitch.

08.24.2011: Girlie Girl Inchie

I really didn’t think this color combo would end up so sticky-sweet, but I swear I can taste bubble gum just looking at it!

08.23.2011: Magnolia Boxes Needlepoint Inchie

More packing = more boxes, this time stitched in Magnolia! Please forgive the photos for the next week or so – no more light box for me until late next week 😦

08.22.2011: Sweet Tortie Boxes Inchie

More packing, packing, packing today, which means my brain is full of boxes, boxes, boxes!